Research Permission Form

Here is a downloadable copy of the research permission form I distributed in class today.

Thank you for a great semester. I've enjoyed it, and I hope it's been beneficial to you. I'll be in Johnston writing center next year. Come say hi!

Concept Maps

Here are the concept maps we did in class yesterday.

Proposed Criteria for MA4.3

See the proposed grading criteria here. Feel free to suggest changes, either in the wiki or by commenting below.

Journal Entry #10: Reflecting Back

Locate your first journal/blog entry (What is writing?) and re-read it. Then, for this final journal, respond to it, putting present you in dialogue with past you. Use at least six terms from this semester. You can define them, argue with them, question them, apply them—whatever—but use them. Do not simply agree with yourself. Even if you still believe many of the same things, you have new terminology to apply to them. Challenge yourself to see how what you know now challenges, expands upon, reflects, or supports what you originally wrote.

Journal 7

What is the role of audience in considering genre? Why does audience matter?

The role of audience in considering genre is very important because the audience is who the genre is directed towards. The audience has specific expectations of what aspects the genre must contain. For example, people going to watch a horror film are expected to primarily be scared but they also expect suspense and most likely death. If the movie does not fulfill their expectations, is it still really a horror film? The audience matters because it is who the genre and medium are trying to attract.

Journal 1

What is writing?

Journal 9

One genre I chose for MA3 is a short movie/ commercial. I got my inspiration from the Drug Free America ads that are aimed towards teens and have a laid back feel and setting. They also have some out of the normal aspect that is eye catching.

The one I chose to analyze is

Journal 10

Journal 1: I'm not a very good writer, and I do not enjoy it much but the writing I prefer would be anything explanatory. Explanatory would be my favorite because its simple and to the point. My least favorite would be analytic because theres so many ways to analyze a specific thought that it gets confusing and I find myself becoming stuck on what to write.

Journal 5

Research question remains the same: Which industry will be next to boom?

Academic sources

These are academic sources because they come from credible publication.

Popular sources

Journal 6

Think back on your own research, and reflect on how you navigated various sources of knowledge to create a piece of writing. Is it new knowledge? Why or why not?

When navigating through several sources and reading content about my topic in those sources, I created new knowledge by remixing what i had read and expressed it in a matter in which i perceived it. new knowledge is basically a remix of old knowledge because one is taking something previously known and adding on to it or changing the scheme and direction of it based on new information being presented.


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