Top Luxurious Shoes For Women

The women’s nature of being crazy about shoes is not so much astonishing because it is a fact they are incredibly excited about shoes. In history, the primary purpose of buying shoes was to protect their shoes; no doubt, it was a fundamental need and comfortable, economical, long-lasting, and, to some extent, enchanting pair of shoes were sufficient to fulfill the requirement. Now the trend has changed women wish to have a vast collection of shoes, and they would spend much time in the selection of their choice of footwear. Princess and celebrities have a good collection of shoes, and these are not ordinary ones, they have a beautiful and unique collection. The wealthier the women are, the more they are crazy towards shoes. Nowadays, many varieties of boots are available in the market, including artistic and expensive ones. These expensive appealing shoes cost so much that you might face considerable financial problems. If you want to buy any among these shoes, you must check your credit on your bank account. These expensive shoes are not only for the protection of your shoes, but obviously, they can be much more, they can groom your personality, which can give you a sense of luxury.

The Ruby Slippers By Harry Winston – $3 Million

The most famous and the most expensive shoes in the world are The Ruby Slippers from the House of Harry Winston. Its price is $ 3 Million. Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s The Wizard of Oz is one of the notable films of the past, and everyone is familiar with it. These enchanting, glimmering, magical ruby shoes were worn by the character of Dorothy in this film. She used to rub this pair of shoes in the movie to reach someplace. To celebrate the Golden anniversary of this film, these shoes were again created by Ronald Winston. These shoes are adorned with 1,350 carats of pure rubies rather than using sequins. Fifty carats of diamonds and 4,600 pieces of rubies in this shoe and high worth of $3 Million make it best to be the most expensive shoes in the world.

Rita Hayworth Heels By Stuart Weitzman – $3 Million

Rita Hayworth Heels by Stuart Weitzman were created by inspiring from a pair of favorite earrings of a late actress. It has open-toed heels made up of rust-colored fabric and is embellished with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. These expensive shoes worth $3 Million are not for sale; these are possessed by Princess Yasmin Agha Khan, who is the daughter of Rita Hayworth.

Tanzanite Heels By Stuart Weitzman – $2 Million

Another expensive shoe full of glamour and charm, its worth is $2 Million, and it is made up of silver leather with platinum outlining embellished with tanzanite gems and diamond. The front strap of the heel contains about 28 carats of diamonds, 185 carats of tanzanite gems are used to adorn the ankle bracelets along with 16 carats gems hanging out from the bracelets. The most appealing thing in the shoe is its heel, which is ornamented with 595 carats of diamond embedded in platinum.